I live in West Sussex, very close to the South Downs and the beach. My

                                             surroundings are a big influence on my work; especially the Downs which I use

                                             aerial views of and explore the changing landscapes through the seasons.

                                            I develop my ideas through drawing, print and paint within my sketchbook

                                           of ideas; using the inspiration from natural objects, the human figure and

                                           corroded surfaces. I love corroded surfaces, the contrast of rough and smooth

                                           lines, patterns and textures that are found on stone, wood, glass and metal

                                           that has been weathered and broken down from natural erosion. I enjoy seeing

                                          and  scapes change and evolve from month to month and the effects that farming

                                          has had, leaving patterns by man and nature.

                                          What makes my work unique is that each piece is individual and a real

                                          one off, the pattern, texture and form of each piece is different due to the

                                          way I create them. The work changes each time you look at it or move around it,

                                          there is always something new to see. My work is a combination of contemporary

                                          ideas with traditional making techniques. The work can take many forms which

                                          include vessels, sculptures, pieces of jewellery and wall hangings.

                                          Each piece is handbuilt using either stoneware or porcelain clay that

                                          has been washed over with oxides and/or coloured slips to highlight the

                                          textures that are already on the surface.